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Welcome to MyMassage!

For those that don’t know me yet my name is Kate Heriot.  I am the owner and founder of MyMassage.  I began my journey in 2009 with over 800 hours of education and a passion to help people.  It has been over a year since opening my doors and helping people to relax and look forward to their day.

My goal has always been to create that perfect welcoming and relaxing environment as well as providing a tailored massage that is sought out session after session.  From a Zen like atmosphere to the extra time allotted for each client, the hustle and bustle of daily life is minimized and you will come to appreciate the fact that your time is truly yours.

My success is measured by every new client that walks in my door telling me the wonderful things they have heard about me and my facility.

The beauty of massage is that it is much more than “a feel good” moment.  Massage therapy helps increase blood circulation, reduces cramps and spasms, reduce healing time from strenuous activities, increase endorphins, and a host of other healthful benefits.

“Grow Stronger Through Massage!”